I Fear No Deadline

The copy reads, “A deadline doesn’t play nice or wait patiently or hold the door open for you.  It hits.  but you can compile shots and upload them from the field using the Verizon network.  So while your deadline approaches, you can march right past it unscathed.”

This ad ran in the last few issues of Advertising Age.  I’m guessing that research uncovered a need for media professionals to upload documents or footage from the road and on-the-fly.  The copy in the ad focuses on the urgency of making deadlines.  I think that if it was important for me to access the internet and upload data for my job, I would want the most reliable service possible.  This ad reassures prospective buyers that their service will allow them to do so.

I’m not sure that the benefit is stated clearly enough for consumers to care.  The ad tells me what I can do with Verizon’s network, but it doesn’t tell me how, or prove in anyway that it can deliver on its promise.  It only makes me aware that the service is provided.

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