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Protect Yourself

Columbia: Cactus

Being protected is something important on both Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs as well as the “Shopping List of Consumers.”

This ad is promoting Columbia’s Omni-Shade technology with UV sun protection shirt that allows people to feel safe while outside in the sun. This feeling of protection is essential for anyone who might be concerned about this. I feel that Columbia’s strategy is largely to focus on the consumer that enjoys the outdoors but with little to no risk. These people would not be you’re mountain climbers or your skydivers but the everyday, walk-in-the-park consumer.

Go ahead and go outside. You’ll be safe.


Santa Margherita

This ad for Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio is trying to motivate people to consider drinking their brand when they are trying to pick out a drink for the holiday season. The needs that this ads fulfills are affiliation and diversion. Affiliation, the need to be closely associated with others or the need for relationships, is shown by clearly suggesting to consumers to “gather your family and friends…” Another need shown in this ad is diversion, the need to relax, have fun, escape from routines and be entertained. This is shown by kind of offering this beverage, as a seasonal, holiday-only option. They even offer recipes on their website that can be prepared with their wine. They also suggest to have people over to toast to the holidays, filling a role of entertainment and relaxation.

Figuring out what’s behind secret

The strategy behind this ad for secret clinical sport deodorant is to sell a lifestyle that is of a higher performance as well as endurance and athleticism; using endorsement  by athletes competing in the Olympic games. Several needs are evident through this ad.

Achievement: the product’s sport protection allows users to work harder. I.e. athletes and in this case, figure skaters can train harder.

Succorance: (the aspect of support)- product’s users can be supported

Sexuality: perspiration is not attractive, product satisfies need to feel attractive i.e. figure skaters are posed in exotic position.

Stimulation: product allows for vigorous activity and engages the body. i.e. figure skating is an intense sport

Security: product’s users are free from over-perspiration, and can continue doing\g what they do without worry. i.e. the copy reads “fear nothing”

    Smart Water

    Smart Water’s strategy is to sell water using Jennifer Aniston’s sex appeal.

    The ad fulfils several consumer needs; the most obvious being sexuality. The ad seems to say “if you have any hopes of looking like Jennifer, the smart choice is  Smart Water.” It gives the impression that by drinking Smart Water, you will become sexually attractive and have perfectly toned abs like Jennifer’s. The second need that this ad reflects is affiliation. It makes consumers feel like they can look, feel, or be like Jennifer Aniston if they drink the same water. If she thinks that the water tastes good, then it must! The copy reads “It’s hydration I can feel. And it’s one part of my routine I never sweat”, which shows security. If you drink Smart Water you won’t have to worry about staying hydrated (as if other waters won’t hydrate you).

    Twinings & A Rainy Day

    For this week, I am using a Twinings’ tea advertisement. I found this ad in my November Yoga Journal magazine. I believe that the strategy states; If you drink Twinings’ tea then you will have a better day.

    This Twinings ad appeals to both your need for relaxation and for stimulation. Tea is often more than just a drink to quench your thirst.  It stimulates your senses and gives off a calm, soothing effect.  Tea is also associated with warming your body on a cold or rainy day.  So I believe that it is a perfect representation of the two needs.

    Embassy Suites Hotel

    I feel like this ad is saying, “our hotel is so amazing you’ll never want to leave.” I think the need it fulfills is diversion. The hotel is claiming that their beds are so comfortable that they have to offer an incentive (in this case it’s free breakfast) just so you’ll want to get out of them. It definitely promotes the need to relax and escape into a place of tranquility and comfort. If I were in need of a hotel and saw this ad, the idea of being so comfortable at a hotel that I never wanted to leave would be enough to make me book a room here. The free breakfast helps, too.

    Silver Joe

    The ad that I have chosen is for Silver Joe’s coffee company. From what I see in this ad I would say that the strategy behind it was to target the average working man between the ages of maybe 25 and 35. The makers of this ad wanted to show that with Silver Joe’s coffee, you can sit down, relax, and take your own personal adventure. They wanted to show that you could get away in that moment you have with a cup of Silver Joe’s coffee. With this ad, the makers show the need benefits of both stimulation and diversion. Stimulation is the need to stimulate the senses and the palate; to engage the mind and the body. Diversion is the need to simply relax and escape from routines. These need benefits are clearly shown in this ad, within the headline and the simple image of an adventurous getaway. It shows a higher benefit for the coffee than just satisfying a thirst need.  It shows benefits that consumers would want to buy that.