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Doner and The Kindle

A Kindle Ad by the Doner Advertising Agency in Cleveland

This Ad is by the Doner Advertising Agency, which has an office in Cleveland Ohio. The strategy of this ad is to let people know that a Kindle E-reader is a quick and easy way to get the books you want to read, as opposed to buying them from a store or borrowing them from the library.


Menopause Puzzle

This advertisment for the North American Menopause Society done by McKinney Advertising and Public Relations, based near by in Cleveland, is targeting women with menopause (ages 35+). Women (ages 35+) of any race, class or health state are included as part of the target for this advertisement. The strategy is to create a slightly emotional connection to the ad and have a “call to action” to use the website,, and thus increasing the number of people that go to it for help or information.

With my mom going through menopause I found this ad interesting and helpful. It’s informative and the “call to action,” I believe, is sufficient.

More ovaltine please!

ovaltine_ad    This is an ad for Ovaltine supplement drink and it was created by Marcus Thomas. The target audience for this ad is parents who want their kids to be healthy without having them eat foods they dont like. The strategy behind this ad is to show parents that they can get their children the vitamins and minerals they need, disguised in a tasty chocolate drink instead of eating things like spinach and sardines, which kids hate.

Conserve Your Energy

This ad for the Tick Tock Triathlon is from Point to Point located in Cleveland. The target audience is kids and the objective is to get them to prepare for the Tick Tock Triathlon on August 11th. The strategy is to make kids feel like they are in control of their own decisions. It is consumer-oriented and mirrors most kids attitudes towards cleaning their room. It works well because kids like to be supported on the things that they argue with their parents about. It will give kids an argument to ignore chores but at the same time will help parents in getting their kids to excercise.  Instead of lecturing the ad offers freedom, which is very effective considering a kids psychology.  Not all parents may like the idea of this ad but I think most would be willing to exchange a dirty room for a healthy kid.

One shot. One choice.

This ad campaign for Horton Crossbows is from Brokaw ad agency in Cleveland. The strategy behind the ads of this campaign is to sell the idea that Horton Crossbows will get the job done. It’s saying that Horton Crossbows is the best choice for hunting. The ads do this effectively by speaking in a language that hunters will appreciate. They did well.


This ad was created by Melamed Riley advertising agency.  The ad is for Impasse termite blocker.  The strategy of this ad is expressing that termite infestation is on the rise, and it is becoming a legal matter due to the lack of prevention builders and pest control companies are contributing to homes.


This ad from WYSE Advertising is for Hungry Jack Potatoes. WYSE decided to make a print ad that revitalized a 70s brand for today’s family. They used a familiar headline and altered it a little while showing multiple ways to prepare the product to prove its diversity. The copy also informs you to go to the website for more recipe ideas.  The ad also shows a little girl, whom can’t seem to get enough. Overall the ad kind of shows, its not just a bag of powder potatoes, look at all the delightful creations that can be made.