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Redefine Your Look to Impress

While I was surfing the web, I came across this Wahl – manufacturer of consumer, professional, and animal grooming products – advertisement. This ad was featured in the July ‘06 issue of Maxim – Ultimate Guys’ Guide – magazine. With that said, I am not the target audience.

Maxim is defined as an international men’s magazine based in the United Kingdom and known for its revealing pictorials featuring popular actresses, singers, and female models. Heterosexual men between the ages of 18 and 35 are the target audience of this magazine. If I didn’t know better, Id say that Maxim is nothing more than Cosmopolitan for men.

This ad targets men between the ages of 18 and 35 with facial or body hair, who like to keep themselves groomed. Maxim is an international men’s magazine, so this ad was seen across the globe, so the target audience is not geographically or culturally specific. Also, men in this target audience are young and active. They probably belong to a gym, since they care about looks, and like to hang out with the guys after work, since most of them are single. These men are also all about seeking attention from women. They might be in college, right out of college, first job or working their way up in a company and looking to impress is on their minds. This ad screams to them, “looking for the ultimate man grooming tool to get noticed?”

Goatee, beard, mustache or body hair, you name it, Wahl is the ultimate man tool for the job. Men like tools (love tools) and they love to look clean and cut for their woman or future woman, so why not combine the two loves into one ultimate man-grooming tool to satisfy both desires. Not only does Wahl specialize in shaving, but it also customizes the experience with individual tools for the different types of facial hair. Men love tools that clip, cut and shave and they love tools that are sharp, hand held and innovated.

The needs and wants of heterosexual men between the ages of 18 and 35, regarding shaving tools, are all boxed up into the Wahl shave collection.

How do I know all of this or think I do? Let’s just say all women believe they understand men.


National Guard

Citizen. Soldier. In only two simple words, this ad effectively expresses how joining the National Guard will set you apart in a multi-faceted way from an ordinary citizen to a soldier. The ad shows the same exact men and women featured in different sides of a split screen depicting the citizens and the soldiers. Everybody knows that by enlisting into the armed forces you are making a noble decision, but there are many deep reasons why.

This ad relates to the hierarchy of love and belongingness because by being a citizen of The National Guard you will receive widespread social acceptance from ordinary people.

Most importantly this ad expresses the heirarchy of esteem because by being a soldier you are affiliated and recognized by the men and women of your country. Wearing the prestigious uniform sets you apart from other citizens and members of society. By looking at this ad you know that by being in the National Guard it allows you to nurture, provide care, and protect others in your country.

Take the Special K Challenge!

Kellogg’s has developed their product Special K into a full line of healthfood products targeted at women who want to lose weight and look their best. From protein shakes to protein water and cereal bars to the classic crunchy cereal, Kellogg’s has created a successful “brand” within a brand. This ad is similar to their usual campaign advertisements. Show women how great they can look by using their product. In this one they display a fit beautiful woman next to a mannequin in a bikini. Since it is almost spring, this is the best time of year to play the swimsuit angle. Everyone wants a beach body. And if you don’t then you’re lying to yourself. That’s why Special K is successful as a product.

As for Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, this ad obviously satisfies physiological needs because Special K is essentially a food. It can satisfy your hunger. But Special K goes deeper than just satisfying a growling stomach, it can provide love and belongingness needs and esteem needs. This may be a shallow statement, but it holds a certain amount of truth. Having a hot body can satisfy love and belongingness needs because it CAN help a person gain social acceptance and person intamacy, and Special K is supposed to help you get there. Although having a great body is not a requirement, it can certainly help someone find a mate or be accepted by their peers. It’s very superficial, but that is society today. A reason why Special K can satisfy esteem needs is because by looking better, you’ll feel better. By losing that weight and achieving a bikini body you will have feelings of adequacy and approval. Again, it’s society. Looking great will provide approval, social status and adequacy.

Finally, for the shopping list of needs developed by Settle and Alreck, this ad satisfies several.

Achievement: Losing weight with the help from Special K can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Exhibition: Wearing the teeny bikini after you get your beach bod will satisfy the need of exhibition. You’ll be pumped to show it off.

Recognition: As soon as people see the results of your weight loss they’ll hold you up as an example of someone that has succeeded in The Special K Challenge.

Sexuality: Losing weight and getting into that beach bikini can progress someone’s sexuality and make them more sex driven.

Diversion: After losing weight you’ll be able to relax and fun this summer knowing that you have a hot body. It’ll be easier to escape from routines and have fun!


In today’s world, most people care about their figure and want to look their best. Even if that is not the case, many people would like to atleast know they are eating healthy and staying away from foods containing additives and artificial flavors. Eating healthy sometimes means giving up your favorite foods, but not always. Campbell’s Select Harvest Soups are 100% natural. “TRANSLATION: ABSOLUTELY NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING”

 “So nothing comes between you and the taste” makes me think that you don’t have to worry about anything while eating this soup, it tastes good and it’s healthy for you, and that is the strategy. This soup is different than other, but still has all the good tasting stuff that you want in a soup.

When referring to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, I’d say this ad covers two of the five: Physiological needs and esteem needs. Physiological needs are shown simply because this ad shows food, leading to hunger. Showing what the actual soup looks like helps because it gives the audience a better idea of how it might taste. If this ad just had the writing and the name of the soup, I might not get the urge to go out and buy it like I would if I saw it first. Esteem needs come into play because of the health aspect. This soup is 100% natural; I would assume that most people would feel a little better about themselves by knowing they are eating something of the sort, as opposed to other soups that aren’t as good for you.

Residue is evil.

Old Spice is a product that provides its consumers with an improvement to their lives. Old Spice is a known deodorant that protects males from the awful potential of smelling bad. The message being told by the product in this ad is that you don’t want to be the “stupid weirdo” in the sauna. You don’t want to be the guy in the sauna with underarm residue from his deodorant. You don’t want this so you should use the Old Spice Ever Clear to avoid this from ever happening.

This product and advertisement are dependent on two of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: love and belongingness needs and esteem needs. It follows the love and belongingness needs because the consumer male wants to be accepted and he doesn’t want to smell or be noticed for the wrong reasons. The last thing anybody wants is to be the smelly guy or the guy with the deodorant stains in his pits. The Old Spice deodorant offers him the opportunity to solve this problem. The ad follows the esteem needs in the same sense as the love and belongingness — wanting approval. To keep up with his self esteem and feel good about himself the consumer knows he won’t have the “evil residue” when using Old Spice.

Other needs which apply to this advertisement are:

Affiliation is present in the copy “Residue is evil. Stop it.” Old Spice offers protection from such evils. It allows the men who purchase the product to fulfill their need for relationships and be closely related to others by not having to worry about their personal hygiene.

Sexuality is party present because no males or females want someone who smells. Smelly partners are not common. The product is not as much selling sexuality as it is selling the chance of not being the total opposite of sexy. So in turn, it is offering the opportunity and chance of sexy.

-Old Spice offers consistency with its brand and products because it is a known name that has been around for a long time. Most men know of Old Spice and might even use it.

-And lastly security is present because the Old Spice deodorant saves its male consumers from having residue under their pits. By saving them of this, they will feel protected and free from fear. The males who use Old Spice deodorant will be able to lift up their arms with praise knowing they won’t have a horror story leaking out from under their arms.

Old Spice

Just by looking at the picture and the copy at the top, you may be led to think this is advertising some new type of ice cream or a new dairy shop. Even the few lines below the picture have nothing to do with the product being advertised, but it still catches your eye and makes you want to find out what’s going on. Old Spice has been putting out many new advertisements selling primarily on sex appeal. In this print ad, the female eating the ice cream cone has nothing to do with Old Spice and they tell you that, but she draws your attention to what ‘she’ has to say. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Old Spice hits on the esteem and love/belonging levels. This ad shows you that you can be sexy by simply using their products.

Exhibition: This advertisement makes a statement due to the nature of the main picture. Old Spice sure does get their products noticed.

Sexuality: Old Spice helps you set your own sexual identity by freeing you from the normal grind of the same old body wash. With this wash, you can feel confident doing whatever you feel all while smelling great.

Diversion: Now that your old body wash isn’t cutting it anymore, switching to Old Spice will give some punch back into your life and leave you feeling refreshed and smelling great.

Security: With Old Spice, you can finally feel safe in knowing you’ll smell great in any situation and can be more confident in what you do.

The Prestigeous Snot RocketRunning isn’t what many people consider being the top priority or most anticipated event during their day. But there are a select few who can’t get enough of it. Adidas has acknowledged this and utilized it in this advertisement.

It may be a little gross and/or disturbing to see an image of a man shooting snot from his nose, but runners understand that there’s not time to take a break to blow your nose properly when they’re in the middle of a good run. Hence the phrace, ‘Runners. Yeah, we’re different.’ The strategy of this ad is obviously directed towards runners to embrace the differences between themselves and everybody else, no matter how you may be looked at for it.

This advertisement touches base on a couple of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. For one it has the love and belongingness need due to the fact that running leisurely isn’t for everybody but the people who do enjoy it are in their own little group.

It also has the presence of esteem needs. Runners know that not everybody enjoys running and can sometimes hold theirselves on a higher pedastool than non-runners due to the fact that they have a healthier lifestyle than most. A lot of people who don’t run leisurely wish that they could get into it but just can’t, leaving runners the apple of their eye.

It could be argued that there is also self-actualization needs being satisfied here too. Runners always try to push themselves harder or run just a little farther, and with these shoes perhaps they can attain the goal they have set to achieve.