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Insightful inspiration

A fantastic idea that reaches consumer at the point of relevance.

Found in Adland


McDonald’s Coffee

I chose a McDonalds coffee ad because it is something I’ve bought before. I really like this ad because I am a coffee fanatic and I can relate to what the ad is trying to show. That is exactly what this ad is saying. There is a businessman ‘toy’ who hasn’t been “wound up” yet and his briefcase is open.  At the bottom of the ad it says, “Wake up with a premium roast coffee”. He hasn’t had his McDonalds coffee yet so he hasn’t been “wound” up and cannot function. I think it’s a great ad because many people out there have coffee before work and if they don’t have it, they are the crabby and not productive.

Whose hand are you holding?

I’ll admit it, I can be pretty lazy at times.  I always say I’m going to get up and walk to class, but it just never happens. I always end up taking the bus.. especially during the winter.

Parents tell their children how important it is to sneeze into your elbow, constantly wash your hands and try to stay home if you are sick. This has been especially popular advice since the beginning of the swine flu epidemic.

But have you ever really thought about how many college students follow this advice?

I almost always have a bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse and I use it as often as possible. After seeing this ad, however, I am now committing myself to hand sanitizer every time I touch something that multiple people have the ability to touch.

This ad is visually informing.  It does not come straight out and say, “Think about who all has touched this thing you are now touching.” Instead it uses hands to represent slings on a bus with the slogan “Whose hand are you holding?” It may not say it in words, but this ad is very blunt.  You never know who has held or touched a bar in a bus or a door handle. You never know where that person has been or what else they have touched. The hand in the very front of the ad has band-aids all over it’s fingers. After actually thinking about it, public places are filled with millions of germs. The ad promises that Dettol Hand Sanitizer will instantly kill 99.99% of germs. How convenient is that?

Canon: Capture the Moment

Purchasing a printer can either be a quick in-and-out purchase by simply selecting the cheapest one on the shelf, or it can include a thought process to pick the exact printer to fit all your needs. When my last printer died on me, I decided to get a more reliable one that has everything I need. Today, printers come with many different features, and the more you pay the fancier they get. Ranging from simply spitting out a homework assignment as you head to class all the way up to ones with a phone on the side; options are almost limitless. A phone was not on the top of my list of wants, but a few simple ‘extras’ made my purchase perfect for my daily life.

Of course being able to print a document was important (as it is to everyone buying a printer…), but I also needed the option to print in color. Along the same lines I needed the option to print high quality color photos from my excursions across the country. It’s not only cheap, but more convenient. Finally, a scanner is a bonus to any printer due to my need of uploading images and or copying a document.

With my ‘wish list’ complete I started my search online for the ultimate printer for me. Best Buy had great options, but when compared to other online prices they seemed to be a little steep. After a bit of searching I narrowed it down to a Canon printer from Walmart. Canon is well established in the printer world and their products live up to their name. With a decent price of $49.00 I left for Walmart to pick it up.

I found this ad later on after I had registered my printer and started to get bombarded with emails from Canon. The ad is simple and to the point; Canon can print great pictures. They allow anyone to put their digital memories on paper. This ad fits the bill perfectly, and after printing many  aerial photos of the countryside just like this one I would say that the print quality is fantastic. Even without the copy, the ad still conveys their message. The contrast of black and white to the color photo coming out of the printer help show the high level of quality pictures it can produce. I feel this ad speaks well to Canon and reaches beyond the ordinary printer population by showing its versatility.

International Delight CoffeeHouse Inspirations

Coffee House Inspirations

OK, so I have a problem. Apparently it is a problem that I share with millions of other people. I have a severe caffeine addiction.  I feed this addiction daily…several times daily, with coffee. However, in addition to the initial problem of addiction, I am also a total coffee snob. Starbucks, Beaners, Carribou, yes please. Stale old coffee that’s been hanging around in that pot for God-knows-how-long? Not a chance. This is where the real issue lies. Starbucks is expensive. Really expensive. I am just a poor, caffeine-deprived, college kid. Budgeting for four Venti Skinny Vanilla Lattes with a triple shot every day is just impractical.

This is where the good people of International Delight come in. I glanced at  this ad in Elle Magazine and, wanting to get to the amazing spread of peep-toe patent pumps on the other side, skipped over it. But then, something amazing happened. Only my need for caffeine could keep me from my desperate need of new pumps. It was really the headline that got me. “Now you can get eight caramel macchiatos for the price of one.” Eight macchiatos for the price of ONE? This is definitely worth investigating. I look further down on the page. “Rich decadent Vanilla Latte.” That’s my drink! I immediately start doing math in my head…$3.60 x 3 x 5 = a number much larger than what it would be if I had this coffee creamer! (Math was never really my thing).

So this ad really appeals to those that are on a budget, and coffee snobs. After really inspecting it, I like the way they use the ceramic coffee cups in a long line- seeming to stretch your dollar when compared to the to-go cup. They also tell you of the variety of tasty flavors available for your coffee-drinking pleasure.

Could’ve Had A V-8

Proper nutrition is not something that most college kids can boast about, so when I came across this V-8  ad it really jumped out at me. I’m no gourmet chef, so when faced with the task of trying to cook a balanced meal for myself, boiling a pot of water is sometimes a tad difficult for me. So you can imagine my struggle with trying to include the daily fruit and veggie quota into my busy day.

My hectic schedule is enough to sometimes make me want to jump out of a plane, but according to this ad even if I did just that, I would still be able to get all of my vegetable servings in one convenient beverage.

This ad is effective because it explains that even with a busy schedule, there is always time to find a way to eat healthier. If a 66-year-old man can follow doctor’s orders while simultaneously floating through heights of several thousand feet above ground, don’t you think it would be easy to find the time to be healthy too?

This ad effectively conveys the health benefits of the V-8 juice by saying that if you make the effort to eat healthy now, you will live a long, healthy life of being able to act your age (or your shoe size) down the road.

Axe – Unlimited

This is my breakdown of the ad you hopefully just viewed. I thought of it as if I was the person looking into at the scenario before you.

You’re a confident single man walking into a bar full of visually-appealing women. You scan each of them seperately, non-chalantly of course, and determine what their intentions are from only their apparel, drinks and body language. Ahoy! The blonde lass is making eyes at you from across the bar… and it’s time to act. Let your fresh aroma speak for you via the new Axe Unlimited shower gel, deodorant and body spray to make your possibilities seemingly unlimited. I guess you’re charm might come in handy, too.

I most assuredly enjoyed this advertisement, especially because I am an avid Axe supporter when funds are low and cologne prices are high.  <Check it out!