Refresh Without Filling

This is a vintage advertisement for Pepsi Cola. The strategy of this ad is to persuade cola drinkers that Pepsi is a lighter, reduced calorie soda that will help you keep off the pounds. I don’t think that this ad would be very relevant now. In today’s society, Pepsi and other sodas are placed in the “junk food” category. Even diet and zero-calorie drinks get flak for their use of artificial sweeteners and chemicals. Like other sugary, caffeinated beverages, soda has been linked with contributing to obesity and diabetes. With the advancements in technology, we are more knowledgeable now about the effects of these types of drinks. While not harmful, they definitely do not keep you slender. Also, I’m positive a dietician would not recommend Pepsi as “your beverage of choice” if you were dieting or trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, the strategy behind this ad still is relevant today. While it might not always work for soda, there are so many products that advertise to be “all-natural, healthy and low-calorie.” Even if it’s not entirely true, it’s what sells. People love a quick-fix and they still want to be able to indulge without feeling guilty.

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