Think Small

This throwback ad is for the Volkswagen beetle from its “Think Small” campaign. The ad was created by Doyle Dane Bernbach advertising agency in 1959. The agency was know for creating unique ads for its time that were created within a simple fashion.

The strategy of the ad is in the headline that highlights the advantages of driving the small Beetle vs. a big car.  The ad is effective because of its unusual strategy  approach. Also, the simplicity of the headline and the image that work together to show off the product benefit  so that consumers can relate to it. Most car ads prior flaunted the idea of luxury and status as a selling point, unlike this Beetle ad. They were either information-based and lacking in persuasion, or reliant on repeated exposure by the medium.

Bernbach has been credited with being the first to combine copywriters and art directors into “creative teams,” which is a model that still exists in advertising agencies today. This ad will still be effective today because the strategy approach to sell the product benefit to consumers is still a success in advertising.

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