Pick-up line, up in smoke.

This old print advertisement for Tipalet cigarettes attempts to capitalize on the sexy allure that smoking used to emit.

The target is men and the strategy here is to present Tipalet cigarettes as a power item that will attract women.  There is an attitude there, that if you act cool and blow smoke into a woman’s face, she’ll be turned on by that confidence and be yours.

Still relevant today?  I doubt it.  Smoking is now positioned as a gross habit, one that is shunned from bars, restaurants, and any other place where people want to actually breathe.  It’s still something that is perceived as “cool” in some circles but for most it acts as a turn-off,  not to mention what would happen if you just walked up to a girl and blew smoke in her face point-blank.

  1. March 28th, 2011
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