Maximum Reliability?

Waterfowl hunting is not simply a matter of going out early in the morning, finding a good spot, and shooting some geese or ducks. Some in the hunting community might go waterfowling with a friend once, or on occasion. Those who are truly dedicated to hunting waterfowl however, are a truly committed sect who will sink thousands of dollars into decoys, calls, blinds, dogs, very particular camouflage patterns, and most importantly, a shotgun. In this part of the hunting community though, just any gun won’t do.

This ad for a shotgun by Browning, one of the leading manufacturers of popular shotguns among waterfowl hunters, attempts to tap into the desire within most who participate in this hobby to be identified with an image. The dog carrying a dead goose through the decoys back to its owner, the copy which reads, “Design Construction Performance,” and the rays of light that appear to radiate from the sleek and durable looking gun itself all scream, “STATUS!!!” to the eyes of a waterfowl hunter.

In reality, Browning shotguns aren’t all that different from those of any other quality manufacturer such as Remington, Mossberg, or Benelli. The users preference, and what they are used to really determines their effectiveness with the gun, and therefore the gun’s effectiveness in the field. The image associated with brands such as Browning and Benelli in the waterfowl community however, allow them to price their shotguns at least several hundred dollars higher than comparable Remington and Mossberg models.

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