It’s Anything but Cute

This advertisement for Dodge attempts to associate itself with consumer’s emotions. The copy at the top of the page sells the brands personality, not an argument. This allows it to fit perfectly within the brand image subset of the consumer-oriented strategy. Dodge differentiates itself by positioning its brand as outgoing and macho. This is a good strategy for them because their products are socially visible and contribute to people’s self esteem. Furthermore, the copy at the bottom of the page regards the object as a person rather than a product. It doesn’t mention the product attributes, or even the name of the product at all. I understand their strategy of selling symbolization rather than features but I disagree with their decision not to include either a product name or at least what type of vehicle it is. Adding either of these things, even in a very small font, would allow the viewer a better reference later.

Dodge’s slogan “Grab life by the horns” qualifies this ad for the attitude subset as well. The slogan contributes to the brands personality and calls the consumer to action. It attempts to connect with its consumer’s inner speech and invites them to share the personality of Dodge. One of the target audiences in this ad is office workers who generally have a more conservative lifestyle. The picture brings on an attitude of escaping the conservative life and buying something that breaks the rules. This ad speaks its audience’s language well and successfully gets in the emotions of its target.

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