Mercedes Equals Ladies

I chose this advertisement for Mercedes-Benz because it is very consumer oriented. Mercedes is known for being luxurious and also for promoting this “high-end” lifestyle that most of us can only dream about. This ad is targeted at men and confirms what most of us already know; driving a car like this will get you noticed. I personally feel that this ad was created to play with men’s insecurities, to make them feel as though they need this car to obtain the high-end status they desire. Almost as if it were saying, “Drive a Mercedes and all of your wildest dreams will come true.” This is definitely a part of the lifestyle subset.  It’s promoting a lifestyle and makes the consumer aspire to achieve it. In addition, I feel like this ad could also be a part of the attitude subset. Driving a Mercedes makes a bold statement, it gives the consumer a sense of pride and has “look at me” written all over it. It also contributes to the brand’s image. Mercedes stands out against its competitors because of ads like this. They know what consumers want and how to use it to their advantage. If all it takes is to get noticed is driving this car, then it must be one amazing product.


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