Push here for furniture

Pop-up Furniture

This ad is a good example of an ad in the sub-categories of product feature, generic claim and positioning.

The strategy of this ad is that Tok & Stok is a brand of furniture that is easy to assemble. This appeals to people who are in the market for furniture because furniture can be very difficult to assemble and take a good amount of time. No one wants to have to spend a large amount of money purchasing a piece of furniture, spend 4 hours trying to assemble it, and then end up with 5 extra screws left over wondering where they were supposed to go. People would much rather be able to simply press a button and have a pile of loose assembly parts pop up and become a cabinet. This is unfortunately impossible. You can, however, purchase Tok & Stok brand furniture and get as close to an experience to button assembly furniture as possible.
This ad is in the sub-categories of product feature and positioning because Tok & Stok is setting itself apart from other brands through its product feature of being easy to assemble. This is a feature that other brands may not have, and thus differentiates it from others.
This ad is also in the sub-category of generic claim because it encourages people who might be apprehensive to buy furniture due to the fact that it is often difficult to assemble.

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