Goodbye Stains. Hello Fresh.

Tide: CheckmarksTide, in this print advertisement, is emphasizing a feature that the Tide To Go pen offers. This product-oriented advertisement is directed toward the on-the go consumer. The picture projected allows there to be no doubt that whatever nasty stain may occur while on the go the Tide To Go pen can “erase” it and keep you looking fresh.

The product feature that Tide is playing up is the reason the To Go pen is selling– it “erases” soon-to-be stains off of even the whitest cotton shirt. In this easily portable pen holds the secret ingredients to never having a stain again. This feature is largely product and brand exclusive. Tide To Go (aside from Max’s Instant Stain Remover Easy Pen, Sun & Earth’s On the Spot Instant Stain Remover with an Organic Formula, Dryel’s On the Go Instant Stain Remover and a chinese made knock-off) almost completely dominates the product category. For this reason I assumed that this advertisement would be categorized under the generic claim subset. However, this ad is saying more than “be prepared for life (or stains).” It is saying “the Tide To Go pen is prepared for you and your most challenging stains.”

Goodbye Stains. Hello Fresh.

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