Vespa- Are you man enough?

Vespa- are you man enough?

This ad is directed at the specific audience of men who have a negative view of Vespa brand scooters in that the scooter is not masculine enough for them. There are multiple reasons why multiple people may have a negative view of Vespa, but the target audience of this ad is a narrow. These men feel that they need a vehicle that expresses their level of masculinity, and a Vespa scooter is too small and quirky to accomplish this task.

The strategy of this ad is to persuade this audience to understand that the Vespa brand scooter is indeed masculine enough for them. The tactic of this ad is the copy flipping the statement of “I’m too manly for a Vespa”, commonly used by the members of the target audience, around to instead say that the Vespa is too manly for the consumer.

This tactic reaches its audience by addressing a direct concern that these men have when encountering a Vespa scooter, but in a comical way. It may seem as a silly copy to some, but the members of the target audience are more likely to remember and be affected by this ad because it uses a phrase that they commonly use.

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