Toys for moms?

This advertisment  for Energizer is designed to target moms.

Probably a mom with a son (or more).

This target is very direct. It’s not just a mom, but a mom with kids, a mom with a boy at home, probably between the ages of 3 and 7, who has a resilient energy to say the least. The resemblance these batteries have to a train automatically catches any parents eye as a toy their son has at home. And just maybe this toy is running low on batteries.

Furthermore the idea that it’s a train, never-ending, speaks of the brand identity created by Energizer.

The text “the energy of your toys” could easily be interpreted as the energy of your boys. 

I feel like this is a well executed ad. If I had a son I’d pick up some batteries incase one of his toys run out. But, I’m not a mom.

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