Special K Challenge

This ad for special K cereal avoids targeting the “fuzzy somebody” because it clearly targets busy women aged between 25 and 45 who care about their health and are unhappy with the way they currently look.

The strategy here is to sell a better look and therefore lifestyle through weight loss. Another strategy is to sell confidence, higher self-esteem and satisfaction.

Multiple tactics are used to communicate these strategies. First, the copy of the campaign refers to eating the cereal as “taking the special K challenge.” The wording evokes the sense of an obstacle that needs to be overcome. The use of a known motivator such as swimsuit season enhances the need to take this challenge. The images use that motivation to say “if you take the challenge, you will lose weight and look good at the beach. The fact that the cover up is used as a flag on the castle symbolizes a victory or conquest. In this case the conquest is confidence and self-esteem. Lastly, the color of both the bathing suit and the flag are red to associate with the special K logo, and the emotion of energy.

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