Risk an Early Death, Just Do Nothing

This government funded advertisement does an excellent job of avoiding the “fuzzy somebodies.” It specifically targets parents with young children. It does a great job of reaching its target by bolding “death” in large print and displaying a picture of little boy. The copy “Even if you think they look healthy today, adulthood could bring an early death from heart disease, type 2 diabetes, or cancer” broadens the message to include any inactive kid, fat or not. Its strategy is to scare the parent into making sure their child is getting an hour of activity a day. It uses a statistic tactic to convincingly scare its target into taking action. The bored lifeless face of the little boy is another tactic the ad uses to get in the mind of the parent.  The tone of the ad is loud and powerful at fist but gradually becomes more supportive as the copy moves down. It does a great job emphasizing the consequences of the issue and builds trust through its supportive ending. Overall I found this ad very effective because it speaks the targets language and convinces them to take action.

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