Leg Room for Jet Blue

This ad for Jet Blue Airlines targets frequent flyers: business people, professionals, and cost-conscious travelers.  Frequent flyers are a specific target for Jet Blue to reach because most recreational flyers choose airlines based on price alone, I know I do.  The airline anticipates being sought out by this market because of the benefit that they offer, roomier seats.


The strategy for this ad as well as the campaign as a whole is to inform travelers about real, visible, and feelable benefits that Jet Blue offers.  “Remember all those annoying things you hate about flying?  Well, we don’t have those.”


By differentiating their product (and service too, I guess) in this way, flyers can choose according to a level of comfort that they know exists as well as the price of the ticket.  Several years ago, Continental hyped up the fact that they were one of the best airlines to work for.  As a flyer, I could care less about if the flight attendant is a happy person.  I just want the guy next to me to stop sleeping on my shoulder and for the girl in front of me to refrain from slamming her seat back into my knees.  This ad puts benefits in real terms for the consumer to easily identify.

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