Axe, the Ultimate Best Friend

For this week’s ad I chose Axe.  This was featured in Maxim magazine in 2009.  I feel that this ad is specifically targeting young men about 24 years of age.  It does not try to speak a language that everyone accepts; in fact it is definitely offending a couple of groups.

I believe that the strategy is telling the consumer to go be crazy, but remember Axe has their back.  It’s there for the consumer when he can’t remember the night before. It’s there for him when he needs to wake up or wash away the scent of a woman.  It’s there for him any time he needs it. To illustrate their message they show the consumer all the fun, cool, and crazy things that he could be doing right that instant.  And they express that the only way he can pull off all of these things is if he has Axe to back him up.  Axe is the ultimate best friend.

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