Senior Citizens Ball

This ad humorously targets the senior citizens demographic. The visual of a 70’s themed club speaks the audience’s language well. Those that attended clubs and parties in the past have a better chance of attending similar social gatherings in the future. This is a good example of a marketer using the 80/20 rule to reach its target audience. It understands that of the 80 percent of senior citizens that enjoy social events, only 20 percent of them will attend a party such as a ball. By recognizing this rule the advertisement is more specifically targeted for higher effectiveness.

The ad reminds its target of a livelier time in life and appeals to their matured longing for stimulation and diversion. It reaches other consumer needs such as affiliation and stimulation too.The strategy of this advertisement is to get senior citizens to attend the ball at the mall. The execution of this strategy is to remind senior citizens of the fun they used to have when they were younger at parties.  While this ad may only be targeting senior citizens I think it is funny enough to grab the attention of any viewer.

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