High School Athletes

Sportlist.ca: Football (Soccer)The demographic or psychographic that this advertisement appeals to would be any high school athlete looking to get recruited or any parent of said athlete that is helping their child’s name (and athleticism) become known. A lot of students are good at a sport but this ad is for the exceptionally good.

Sportlist.ca is an online scouting website. You can upload photos, videos and almost anything else you can imagine that would help a young athlete to get a headstart on scouts finding them. Sportlist.ca used this campaign ad to draw people into checking out their website.

The point of this campaign is to show athletes how many people are going to be interested in them. Just by looking at the number pointers on the advertisement it implies that an infinite number of scouts/recruiters will find them, will contact them and will offer them a position on their college teams.

If athletes got THAT many people offering them a spot on a team chances are it’ll be easy to agree to one, right?

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