Fashionable armor for the Battle of the Eww

The ad I chose to talk about this week is for American Living clothing from JCPenny. I found this image in a magazine and do not have access to a scanner, so I could not include a picture of the ad in my blog post. I also could not find the image online, so I will describe it in this post.

The image depicts a woman dressed in a nice black (possibly navy blue) dress, sitting on a bed with her daughter playing with her hair. The copy says “Made of the Both of Us”, a line that is used in many of American Apparel’s ads.

The target audience of this ad is women who have children and want to have nice clothing that can stand the wear and tear of chasing children around the house, but are also decently priced.

The strategy of this ad is to say that with American Living clothing, women are able to look classy for a good price and still be able to keep up with their children. Mothers usually wear less appealing clothing because if anything happens to it, say a random jelly stain or barf, it won’t matter. American apparel is designed to stand up to these demands, but still be nice clothing.

The tactics (execution) of this ad are the copy and the visual. The copy tactic is in the wording of “Made of the Both of Us”. The actual words of the copy are written to include the child. This is done because mothers include their children in everything that they do. The visual tactic was to display the same message as the strategy, but through a mother looking classy and being happy while her child is happy also.

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