Maslow’s Needs

The Burger King ad applies to Maslow’s first physiological need. The ad’s strategy is showing a long seven inch burger satisfies more. It also shows a sexual appeal geared toward men’s hunger.

Maslow’s second need for safety is shown in the State Farm ad. The ad is showing the reader they will be covered with their car insurance and will not be left with nothing.

The Australian Post applies to Maslow’s third law of love and belongingness. The ad strategy is by sending  someone a letter is a great way to show your love and care for someone. It takes more though and effort than sending and email or calling them. Sending a letter, nowadays, feels as if sending a care package.

Maslow’s forth need for esteem is depicted in the Levi’s curve id ad. The ad is showing women they have a jean for any women, which will fit their curves. These jeans are made for real women not just manikins.

The Marines ad applies Maslow’s fifth need of self-actualization. The strategy of the ad is to get strong determined people to join the marines, to serve their country. It also is saying by joining the marines, it will better others and yourself.

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