Maslows needs

bondThis ad satisfies self-actualization and esteem needs with James bond and Omega watches. The strategy of this ad is, if you own an omega watch you are in a class of your own, and you can take on a new lifestyle. James Bond satisfies the self-actualization need because who doesn’t want to be a cool secret agent and a sex symbol. The watch satisfies esteem needs because omega watches are expensive and come with prestige. 

This ad fulfills physiological and love needs. The strategy for this ad is, use our toilet paper because it will make you feel sexy and loved. You need toilet paper but I never think about sex when I am using it until I saw this ad, I think maybe they are implying that the toilet paper is soft and will love and take care of you.

The ad for 3M glass is an example of safety needs. The strategy is, If you think you can get the money, come try. This ad was set up in a city with real money inside but this glass is unbreakable, 3M is so confident in its product that they were willing to use this great strategy.

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