Maslow’s Needs

This ad promotes Maslow’s self-actualization needs. The copy suggests that the woman is now able to do things that she wasn’t able to do before she got Microsoft 2010.

This ad for a Citizen watch seeks to fulfill Maslow’s 4th and 5th needs, Esteem and Self-actualization. The strategy of the ad is to get people to buy the watch because a famous football player wears it. When people buy a Citizen watch, they will feel better about themselves and feel that they fit into a certain social status (esteem). They might also feel that they have reached a higher inner potential because of the tagline “It’s unstoppable. Just like the people who wear it.” (self-actualization)

This ad to the “Got Milk?” campaign features Rebecca Romijn. It supports 4 of Maslow’s 5 needs. The strategy is to sell milk by associating it with celebrities and nutrition.

1. Physiologial: This is an ad for Milk which covers your physiological need of thurst.

2.Safety: Rebecca is holding her 2 babies and keeping them safe from physical harm.

3. Love and Belongingness: She is holding her children and showing them love. The copy also reads, “to help build strong families. Just one more thing to cherish.”

4. Esteem: This campaign uses celebrities to help promote milk. In this case they are using Rebecca Romijn. Consumers might feel like the product is prestigious if it is used by a celebrity.

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