Maslow’s Hierarcy of Needs in Ads

Physiological: The ad I found that fits into Maslow’s Physiological needs was an ad for Snicker’s candy bar. The strategy of this ad is to let people know that Snickers is a candy bar that will fill you up, not just hold you over until you are able to eat a full meal. It will, in essence, remove all of the hunger from your body, not just cover it up. This is an example of Physiological need because one of the most basic things humans need is food.

Safer with ADT
Safety: The ad I found that covers Maslow’s Safety need is an ad for ADT security systems. The ad exposes an elaborate theft type that could be used against any home owner. The strategy of this ad is that by using ADT security systems, you will be able to rest at easy knowing that you have the brains of an entire network of experienced people and computers working to keep your home safe from smart burglars. Burglars may be smart, but ADT is smarter and working for you. This is an example of the Safety need because humans need to be able to know that they are safe from financial and physical harm. This ad demonstrates that ADT is able to help prevent financial harm, someone stealing your belongings, and possibly physical harm.

Lies! Axe stinks.
Love and Belonging: The ad I found that covers Maslow’s love and belonging need is for Axe deodorant and body spray. Axe deodorant is able to fulfill this need by beginning the first step towards love: attracting a girl, which you can’t do unless she at least finds that you smell decent. Axe gives you the ability to smell decent and get the girl. This ad is an example of love need because to be loved by someone, you must first attract them. Smelling bad, what Axe solves, is a hindrance in attracting someone.

Jog for your lives! The runners are hungry!
Esteem Need: The ad I found that covers Maslow’s esteem need is for Pearl Izumi running shoes. The strategy of this ad is to exemplify that runners are a select few and are the lions of exercisers, preying on the weak joggers and that Pearl Izumi is a running shoe, not a jogger shoe. This gives the reader a sense of superiority if they are a runner. The Pearl Izumi brand fits in nicely with that sense of superiority of runners by stating that they too are runners. Buying the Pearl Izumi brand of running shoes will let the joggers know that you are the lion of the running path. This ad is an example of the need for Esteem because it portrays runners as a step, no pun intended, above of joggers. People can gain self-esteem through believing they are better than someone in one way or another.

United States Army Reserve
Self-Actualization: The ad I found that covers Maslow’s Self-Actualization need is for the United States Army Reserve. The strategy of this ad is that if you join the Army Reserve, you will achieve a sense of accomplishment and become a better, stronger, more powerful person because of it. You will in fact become all that you can be as a human being. This ad is an example of covering Self-Actualization because it offers the viewer a chance to better themselves and become a more well-rounded and complete individual.

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