Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs

Self-Actualization – This ad is for the United States Army. It represents self-actualization because it is talking about utilizing the skills you already have for the Army. They want you to realize your potential and what your skills could do for them, so that you will want to join.

Esteem – Dove is obviously trying to boost us “average” women’s self-esteem by placing real, everyday women in their ads without all the glitz and glam. I think Dove’s strategy is to make their products relatable to everyday women, because we are more likely to buy something we can personally connect with. When I look at this ad, I see “normal” women just like me but they have great hair. It makes me think, “If it works for them, why wouldn’t it work for me?”

Love/Belonging – This ad encourages adoption. It definitely promotes Maslow’s idea of love and belonging, because the child depicted in this ad is lonely, having to rely on only herself. The strategy simply is to implement the importance of adopting a child and to get you to do so.

Safety – This ad is promoting earthquake safety. Since everyone desires to feel “safe,” this ad is all about taking precaution for such a disaster. I believe the strategy here is to show consumers the benefits and cost effectiveness of “earthquake-proofing” with their company, so people will want to utilize Earthquake Safety’s seismic retrofitting services. They want you to feel safe and protected in your home, and their services can provide that.

Physiological – This is obviously satisfying the physiological, the need for food. Despite it’s derogatory wordplay, the burger looks good and it’s “two all-beef patties and juicy all over,” description is enough to make a hungry person dash over to McDonald’s. McDonald’s is trying to make you hungry, aiming to get that delicious Big Mac on your mind so you’ll want to go buy one.

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