Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs

This McDonald’s ad is an example of Maslow’s physiological need. The strategy of this ad was to show that McDonald’s is rescuing people from their hunger. They wanted to show that their product satisfies that physiological need of hunger.

This ad for The Thai Health Promotion Foundation is a great example for Maslow’s safety need. This ad is promoting safety, by showing how driving while sleepy is came be dangerous. The strategy behind this ad was to simply show how closing your eyes while driving can take someone’s life. I thought that this ad was very clever in how it got the message across. It was very eye catching.

This ad is for Dreft  laundry detergent. This ad represents Maslow’s need for love. The strategy behind this ad was to emphasize that if you use Dreft detergent, the best choice for babies, you show how much you truly love your baby. The ad shows the benefit for this need in a cute and simple that would attract mothers.

This is ad for Breathe Right nose strips is an example that shows Maslow’s esteem need. Everybody hates having to sleep with someone who snores, so the strategy behind this ad is to promote feelings of adequacy. These people want to sleep quietly like everyone else. This ad did a great job of showing this need benefit in a clever way.

This ad for The Salvation Army in my opinion is an example of  Maslow’s need of self-actualization. The strategy behind this ad was to show that there are people who struggle through life and that The Salvation Army see’s these people and tries to help them. The ad encourages people to want to help and give back to people. This shows self-actualization by showing an understanding that people need help and you could be the one to help and give back.

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