Hierarchy of Needs

The ad for Nestle’s Cafe Grand ice cream not only seeks to fulfill the physiological need of hunger, but also social and self-actualization, implying that if you eat this ice cream you are an artist and a true visionary.

The crime stoppers ad is going for a reinforcement of security. I’m not sure what the product is, maybe a crime hotline or something, but it emphasizes anonymity, something that is important for someone that wants to report a crime without criminals discovering their identity.

Maslow’s social need is targeted in the ad for dental floss. While it grosses me out to think of having garbage in my teeth, the ad gets the point across. It is important for social people to have nice teeth, as it is a mark of hygiene and sometimes, status.

The ad for Zu shoes implies that the confidence derived from wearing these shoes will lead to amazing results. This appeals to self esteem and social needs. This woman has been with a lot of guys, and apparently that’s good for self esteem. I always thought the opposite.

Self-actualization is the attempt to achieve our ultimate potential. The ad for The Economist makes it easy for people to understand the worth of reading the magazine. It’s all knowledge, straight to the brain.

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