Fulfillment of Needs

For today’s blog post we are covering Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in advertising.

Physiological Needs: My first ad is Smartwater and it is covering the physiological need of thirst.  This ad’s strategy is saying that Jennifer Aniston drinks Smartwater, so you should drink Smartwater.

Security Needs: My second ad is for Biffar doors. This ad covers the need for security. The strategy states that Biffar’s doors are so secure that prisoners cannot get through even if they tried.

Love and Belong needs: My third ad is Malacca by Tangueray and it covers the need of belonging.  This ad’s strategy is saying that if you drink Malacca then you will be well liked and belong.  When people drink they often do it with other people and some may even do it so other people will like them.

Esteem Needs: My fourth ad is for BMW.  This ad’s strategy, just like many other luxury car advertisements, states that if you drive this car then you will be perceived as wealthy and people with look up to you.  I chose this ad for esteem because a car says a lot about a person.  When a person buys a car they think about how people with perceive them.  So luxury cars automatically give off this view of higher social status  and success.

Self-Actualization Needs: My final ad is for the US Marines. I chose this as the ad for self-actualization because marines (any military establishment)  are known for stating that people can reach their highest potential by joining.  I believe the strategy is saying that if you join the Marines you can be the best you can be and do good for your country.

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