The first print advertisement that you see reaches out to Maslow’s Physiological need for hunger. The ad is targeting women by both the text and the visual. The woman climbing into bed wearing a silky red robe gives the visual a romantic touch. However, it doesn’t show her longing for personal intimacy or acceptance, which makes it unsuitable for Maslow’s love and belongingness need. It is just a clever way to show how Shredded Wheat can satisfy a women the same as a sexual romance. I liked how they thought outside of the box with this ad. They didn’t simply look at their products features, which I assume is low fat and healthy, and make an ad about how good it is for you.

The next print advertisement reaches Maslow’s need for safety. It isn’t the most visually stunning ad but it gets the idea across. They are speaking to parents and general homeowners that want to stay physically safe. The tone of the ad is very happy and warm. A family cuddled up in bed together smiling is a perfect way to communicate how safe you will feel after installing Direct Security Systems. Personally I think this ad looks corny with some of the pictures just thrown on there. A picture of a cop car brings more fear to my mind than safety. However that could stem from my own personal bias of Kent police harassment.

The third print advertisement in the series reaches Maslow’s love and belongingness need. I believe this would be a seasonal advertisement as they are selling a special Christmas ornament. They target holiday shoppers and show them how much personal intimacy this gift can bring them. The tone is very happy and the italic cursive text fits nicely with the visual. The underlying message is saying that giving gifts is the best gift you can receive.

The next print advertisement in Maslow’s hierarchy is that for esteem. I chose a clever ad for Axe deodorant to satisfy this need. The visual attempts to target men by showing how much prestige and approval they will get by wearing Axe. Their slogan “The Axe Effect” has been around for a while now and is very well known. I guess there are only so many ads you can make showing a man getting all the girls until you resort to making pencils sexy.

The last print advertisement on the list is Maslow’s Self-actualization needs. Hummer surprisingly chose to market to its core target audience this time rather than city dwellers like in previous ads. By core I simply mean what the product was intended for, geographically challenging terrain, not all of the other target audiences it somehow attracts. The underlying message of this ad is to challenge yourself and reach your highest potential. They attempt to attract the adventurous go-getter type with this ad, making it a perfect fit to Maslow’s final need.


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