Silver Joe

The ad that I have chosen is for Silver Joe’s coffee company. From what I see in this ad I would say that the strategy behind it was to target the average working man between the ages of maybe 25 and 35. The makers of this ad wanted to show that with Silver Joe’s coffee, you can sit down, relax, and take your own personal adventure. They wanted to show that you could get away in that moment you have with a cup of Silver Joe’s coffee. With this ad, the makers show the need benefits of both stimulation and diversion. Stimulation is the need to stimulate the senses and the palate; to engage the mind and the body. Diversion is the need to simply relax and escape from routines. These need benefits are clearly shown in this ad, within the headline and the simple image of an adventurous getaway. It shows a higher benefit for the coffee than just satisfying a thirst need.  It shows benefits that consumers would want to buy that.

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