Always There in a Pinch

This ad for U.S. Smokeless Tobacco’s line of Skoal chewing tobacco appeals to consumer’s needs on several different levels. First is independence. The ad tells consumers that they don’t have to be tied down to cigarettes in order to enjoy tobacco, they have the option to be different and have choices. Next is dominance. In a situation where one is prohibited from smoking, the ad says that you can still satisfy your desire to partake in a tobacco product, you call the shots and get one over on the powers that be. Another need the ad promises the product will satisfy is affiliation. The tradition of watching sports with your friends is an important one in the minds of many American consumers. This ad tells them that they can still be associated with their friends and partake in this custom without sacrificing another need, stimulation. Also, the ad tells consumers that by using the product they are free to pursue another need, diversion, in more situations without being held back by bans on smoking in public places. Novelty is also promised by the ad, it offers a different experience as a means to achieving what is to some a common type of satisfaction. Finally, working hand in hand, are consistency and security. Viewers of the ad are told that they can consistently have access to a tobacco product regardless of any situation that may prohibit what might be their primary method of tobacco use. This provides security. Knowing that they have the ability to use tobacco in a much larger number of situations allows the consumer to feel more secure, and not concerned that they may be stuck in a scenario where they are unable to partake in its use.

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