Adidas Impossible is Nothing

This ad for adidas fulfills the viewers need for achievement. It encourages you to achieve your ultimate self by its use of inspirational text and realistic visual element. They found a different benefit for marketing running shoes, istead of just the most obvious ones like speed, style and comfort. They market dream chasing and encourage the viewer to challenge themselves physically. They imply that their products  can help you reach your impossible goals.

The strategy of this ad is to speak to those that want to win at a certain obsticle, challenge or game. It dosnt show an olympion crossing a finish line and winning a race, rather it displays an olympion training on a cold hazzy monring. It wants to inspire its viewer and show that winning dosn’t come easy, but achieving the best is even more a reason to live for. I beleive they used this real life visual to give the adidas brand a human touch,  rather than some more extreme weather condition such as a blizzard. I agree with their decision to use a real photo because it establishes trust and triggers emotions in the consumer. I think adidas had more focus on the brand than a specific line of running shoes with this ad, and to me it was very effective.

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