Figuring out what’s behind secret

The strategy behind this ad for secret clinical sport deodorant is to sell a lifestyle that is of a higher performance as well as endurance and athleticism; using endorsement  by athletes competing in the Olympic games. Several needs are evident through this ad.

Achievement: the product’s sport protection allows users to work harder. I.e. athletes and in this case, figure skaters can train harder.

Succorance: (the aspect of support)- product’s users can be supported

Sexuality: perspiration is not attractive, product satisfies need to feel attractive i.e. figure skaters are posed in exotic position.

Stimulation: product allows for vigorous activity and engages the body. i.e. figure skating is an intense sport

Security: product’s users are free from over-perspiration, and can continue doing\g what they do without worry. i.e. the copy reads “fear nothing”

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