This ad’s result is a collaboration by Dick’s sporting goods and Nike. The Strategy is stated in the headline, its goal is to sell the product. It clearly states the benefits of the product and why the consumer should purchase it.

The needs that the ad depicts are: achievement, independence, stimulation, dominance and consistency. Achievement is shown because it gives off the need to perform better than others, or at the consumers best. Independence is minor in this ad. It’s stated at the bottom, allowing the product to be customizable by going online “to put multiple colors on your feet.” Stimulation needs are used indirectly by saying the consumer to be active and to buy Nike products at Dick’s, where they can buy the product but other active gear too. Dominance is shown in the headline by giving the reader a sense of power to show off their skills with the product.  Consistency is a need in which consumers feel after they buy the product. A consumer can image the consistency in their skills with the product can get them to become more confident during a game. This need reflects similar ideas of achievement and dominance.

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