Vegetable Shampoo??

For this week, the advertisement that I chose was the Mop natural shampoo. The copy states “Looks like a model. Feels like a role model.” Unlike other shampoos that are advertised, this creator linked the product to fruits and vegetables that do not have a strong sweet smell and are green.  It conveys healthy characteristics over scented ones.

At the very bottom the ad makes the claim that the shampoo is “natural enough to go in your refrigerator”. Before the creator could make a claim like this he/she must do some product research.  The creator must understand the ingredients and make sure that what they are saying can be supported. It would not be right for the creator of the ad to state that it is natural if it is not. That would be deceiving the consumer.

The benefits are not clearly stated.  In fact, it seems that you have to do a little mental work to understand the benefits.  For example, when I first looked at the ad I though ‘Oh this shampoo is made from green vegetables and fruits’. Then I linked eco-friendly to it due to the green color.  Finally, I arrived at the conclusion that since it is made with fruits and vegetables it must be better for you than the shampoos that do not have readily-known ingredients.

Because most of the people that the ad would target are probably the ones that are eco-friendly and use natural products already, they would care about it’s benefits more than people that are not using natural products.  Since those consumers are already in the market for natural products they would be happy to know that this shampoo is made from items that come out of the refrigerator.

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