Perfect Timing

This ad for the Palm Pre and the Sprint network relays the benefits of the phone’s ability to multitask and the carriers lower price for service as compared to the Apple iPhone, which since its first iteration has dominated the smartphone market. It also mentions that Sprint is creating a 4G network, indicating that the company is moving forward ahead of the competition. These points are brought up in the ad because Sprint did their research and knew what iPhone customers couldn’t do with their phones, they knew what it cost to have an iPhone, and they knew that customers would be drawn to the idea of the next big thing to come after 3G came to the market.

This points and information relayed in this ad are strong and likely to compel some consumers to consider the Palm Pre, if not at least the Sprint network. While subsequent ads featuring other phones covered by Sprint may be a bit better, this ad is still strong because it is simple and to the point without any flashy trickery. It simply states facts which are relevant to potential customers because Sprint learned enough about what owners of other phones felt their devices were lacking and pointed out their ability to trump those shortcomings with both a different device and their service.

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