How’s That Feel?

Anlene: Spine

Anyone who has ever had a back injury cringes at the sight of this. I know this from experience. Having a stress fracture in my spine and multiple other back problems I know how serious and how painful back injuries can be.

The imagery implies that your spine is like glass and you need to take care of it. The text in the upper right hand corner reads: “Osteoporosis causes 1.4 million spine fractures every year.” Following this text is a poicture of the product, Anlene.

Anlene: Expert in Bone Nutrition, relates to every person with a back injury with this ad. I believe that anyone with back problems, such as osteoporosis, should know what Anlene is. It is a product that helps strengthen your bones, more specifically, the weak bones. The other ads in this campaign have a shattering pelvis and a shattering wrist. Those did not affect me nearly as much as this one do to my personal experiences. I truly believe that product research showed that once someone is injured then they look at this product. I believe that this ad, and many of the other ads for Anlene, is trying to show that these injuries are preventable. Before you go out and shatter your spine look into Anlene. Stop your small injury from turning into a big one.

All I can tell you is that this ad brings up a shocking reality that shattering someone’s dreams is as simple as dropping a glass. Prevent it.

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