Happy Hour

Luster’s tooth-whitening ad definitely resulted from product research. The headline is “Happy Hour For Your Teeth.” “Happy hour” is a well known term describing an hour, usually before dinner around 5 o’ clock pm, that people consume alcohol in. Alcoholic beverages come in a variety of sorts, but it is generally known that red wine and darker alcoholic beverages stain your teeth.

In the body copy, the ad says that Luster Premium White is a at home tooth whitening light system that is clinically proven to whiten your teeth up to six shades in an hour. The copy also says that the whitening system is similar to professional whitening systems and has minimal tooth sensitivity. The benefits of the product are professional whitening results, at home, in an hour, without the harshness of professional services, and are clearly stated in the body copy of the advertisement. The headline toys with the idea that you can indulge in the drinks and foods that stain your teeth while being assured you can regain the whiteness of your teeth with Luster. “Happy Hour For Your Teeth” assures you that you can be as satisfied with your teeth as you are satisfied with drinking at “Happy hour”. By researching that people, who enjoy whitening their teeth, do so because they enjoy other activities that stain their teeth, the ad can convince the audience that the benefits of Luster counteract the results of “Happy hour.”

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