Save the Seals (and your hands) with Dawn!

Dawn Saves Seals!

The ad that I have chosen to talk about this week is for Dawn dish washing soap. The part of this ad that required research was the information that volunteers and organizations use Dawn brand soap to clean animals covered in oil after oils spills or leaks. Volunteers and organizations choose Dawn soap because it is gentle enough to use of a baby seal, as seen in this image, but strong enough to wash away thick, sticky oil. Plus, when you buy a bottle of Dawn soap, Dawn donates one dollar to help animals affected by environmental disasters(up to $500,000). The benefits of the product are pretty significant. If people who know a great deal about animals are willing to lather them up in Dawn soap to clean off oil from their fur, then you can feel safe about using Dawn soap on your fine china and hands. I know that the focus of many liquid dish soap commercials is the fact that some soaps can severely dry your hands out. Dawn covers this concern with a fact about their soap that is interesting and reassuring to the viewer.

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