Read Line by Line

I chose this ad because it is a car, and product research is used big time in the automotive industry. Volvo is already known as a high end, luxurious- foreign car company, so people in the market for this product already know a lot about it, and also know Volvo’s reputation. If people did not already know about Volvo then this ad would do a good job at informing them about the features and benefits of this car. First of all, the ad is very plain and simple, the background is blank and the focal point is the image of the car. Second, the lines coming from the car point out these features and tell the reader all the specifications of the car. To me, this ad presents all of the important benefits someone would like to know about this car and you can find them out in a short amount of time. Then of course, if you would like to know more, you can go to a local dealership.

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