You Eat What You Touch.

This award-winning ad is advertising soap made by the company Lifebuoy.  The company is known for their soap, which contains certain ingredients that effectively kills germs.  This ad has one line of words that says, “You eat what you touch.”  This message is simply presented, but it has a meaning that is very important to the audience.  If you touch a dog, you are eating a dog.  If you shake someone’s hand, your eating his or her hand. The bottom line of the advertisement is that you are encountering germs all day long and it is important to be cautious and wash your hands with Lifebuoy soap. The majority of people are concerned with all the germs that they are exposed to throughout a day.  However, not all people take into consideration all of the things they may have touched and just assume that their hands are clean because they have been washed recently.  The execution of this ad helps people create an image of what words would not be able to do.  When seeing a muffin that is a hamster people think about other things they have touched and, they are persuaded to wash their hands more often and with a soap that is more inclined to kill germs, such as Lifebuoy.  Without this execution, the concept of the ad would be overlooked and thought of as just another ad reminding people to wash their hands and stay healthy.

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