Kid’s Karate

This add won the Dubai Lynx Golden Winner award. The image is of a lego block broken into two pieces. In the upper left hand corner is the logo of a business called Seibukan and the line “Karate Classes For Children”.

When I first saw the ad, I looked at the lego and thought, “That must be one strong kid!”. Then my eye reflexively went to the only other image on the page, the logo and slogan. The slogan made the message and image click together in my head. I did not automatically think of the broken lego meaning karate for kids, but the words made the entire image Usually, when someone thinks of karate they see the image of someone chopping a block of wood in half with their fist or head. When someone sees a lego, they automatically think of children playing with them. The publisher was able to combine these two iconic images into one image that makes people think of two things at once, Karate and children. The excecution of the ad does not cloud the concept but instead fully displays it. The execution gives the reader two chances to understand. One being the broken lego and the other being the straightforward message backed up by the image.

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