Find Your Perfect Shade

What type of tooth needs shade!? It’s not the need for shade that this tooth is searching for but the “perfect shade.” Though this ad cannot be taken literal it’s point is tremendous and well executed.

MDG Advertising took the 2010 Palm Beach Advertising Federation’s ADDY Awards on March 4th with one of the highest honors: Best in Show–Print for Spodak Dental Group’s print ad campaign.

The core message of this print advertisment is exactly what the headline says, “Find Your Perfect Shade.” Basically this ad is asking: “How white you want your teeth?” However, if you look at the whole campaign for Spodak Dental Group you would realize that bright teeth is one of many benefits associated with them. They believe that “Dentistry is an Art Form.” With that idea in mind they offer to build stronger teeth, help you light up a room with your smile, freshen your look with a brighter smile, and straighten out your smile.

The execution of these ideas are very well done. It’s a simple design. A solid (or slightly faded) blue background with a tooth and an umbrella. The only other items on this ad are the text and the name of the company putting the ad out. Simple idea. Simple execution. Perfectly Simple. 


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