This “Guys Never Change” advertisement for Jim Beam won a bronze CILO Award.

The concept behind this advertisement is tradition. I personally don’t feel that the execution gets in the way of the concept at all, in fact I think it’s executed rather well. They are showing ten different pictures, all of the same basic situation but during different time periods. It is pretty much a time-line of, in this case, men using duct tape to solve every problem; a belief the typical “man” has been following for decades. They illustrate this by using images from the old Frigidaire, to the current laptop. The ad has an overall simple, yet effective way of showing things never change. It’s also a little bit humorous which draws the viewer in.

With it’s simple images, and simple headline, they are directly targeting the audience of a typical man who would drink Jim Beam. The concept is clearly executed and the viewer gets the idea right away; You can always count on Jim Beam for the same great taste.

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