Worry No More! Purell is Here!

This ad was created by two students from the Miami Ad School and it won the Bronze International ANDY Award earlier this year.

I feel that the purpose of the ad is to soothe the consumer’s worry.  It’s like the ad says ‘We know there are always going to be germs, but with Purell you do not have worry’.

This was an interesting concept because of its simplicity.  By using purple fingerprints against a white background it gives the ad a curious feature. When I first looked at it I wondered what the purple marks were and I had to study it a bit longer before I realized they were fingerprints.

The Purell logo is placed right in the center so there is no way that you could miss it. I do not believe that the words on each page were meant to be read because the fingerprints and logo give all the information you would need.

The execution of this ad does not seem to hinder the message in any way. Instead, it works well with the purpose of it. The simple, clean and concise way this ad is presented goes hand-and-hand with what Purell tries so hard to convey.

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