What It’s Made Of

This award-winning ad campaign for Billboard Magazine has a unique concept that is both entertaining and thought provoking. What appears at first glance to be a low resolution image of Amy Winehouse is, upon closer inspection, a CMYK image in which the four colors are representative of four other celebrities from the music world. A small bar graph listing the names of the celebrities serves not only to show a rough comparison of the amount of each that make up Amy Winehouse, but also to color code them. The suggestion here is that like the four different colors make up a larger picture of Amy, her style can also be accurately described as a combination of part of each of those of the four people represented by the colors. This is paired with the tagline, Music, see what it’s made of,” followed by the Billboard Magazine logo.

This ad does a great job of getting its point across in a creative way. Those in the market that Billboard is looking to sell to, that is, people interested in the music world, will find truth, and possibly humor in what the ad is saying. In the event that they by chance are not familiar with Amy Winehouse, the campaign also includes ads with the same concept, but featuring celebrities from different styles of music. Even someone who is not in the target market and has little knowledge of the music world would easily be able to grasp at least the concept of what the ads are trying to say. Billboards message here is simple, “Read our magazine, find out whats going on in the music industry.” If that appeals to you, then you may be likely to purchase a copy or even a subscription to Billboard if you happen to see one or more of these ads.

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