Bad food. Bad dog.

For this assignment, I chose the Clio Award-winning advertisement for Nutri-Balance dog food.  The ad depicts a man sitting in his house, enjoying a nice cup of tea, on what was probably intended to be a calm, relaxation-filled day, until a police officer shows up with a “handless” man by his side. As your attention shifts to the giant glass windows, you instantly notice the man’s dog, obviously with the handless man’s missing body part in its mouth. The headline toward the top-right of the ad reads “Bad food, bad dog.” A statement that blatantly claims if you give your dog bad food, it will in turn, do very bad things. Like biting off a man’s hand, for instance. Beside the headline, there is a small picture of a dog bowl filled with Nutri-Balance’s “vitamin-filled and flavorful” dog food. The core message of this ad is very obvious. Feed your dog good food. If you’re going to do that, then why not feed your pet Nutri-Balance’s nutritious and delicious dog food? All together, I think this ad is very deserving of its recognition. It’s clever, humorous and in no way does the execution get in the way of the concept. It gets its message across perfectly and does so in a way that will make you want to look at it over and over again.

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