Life Takes Visa

I was skimming through a National Geographic magazine when I came across this eye-catching Advertisement. One of Visa’s obvious target audiences in this particular Nat Geo ad would be the outdoorsy type. However, Visa does a good job of making this ad eye-catching to a much broader audience at the same time. Certainly the outdoorsy type will enjoy an enormous fish catch more than the average Joe, but it doesn’t take a professional angler to be shocked by two men barley able to hold up a massive fish.

When I first saw the ad my eyes were easily guided from the top left text down diagonally through the image and ending at the bottom right of the page. It was very easy for me to understand “Life Takes Proof” and a picture of a gigantic fish, unfortunately the rest of the ad wasn’t so easy. Being a Visa customer myself I understood the text “Life Takes Visa” but I feel that it’s too clever to be effective to the non customer.  Ultimately all they are trying to communicate is their brand message of “Visa – The Card Accepted Everywhere. “ With that in mind I found it interesting that they chose not to include the previous, more upfront slogan of “Visa It’s Everywhere You Want To Be” that conveys their message much easier. Apparently Visa feels “Life Takes Visa” is enough and chose to use this slogan throughout their new campaign.

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